Laura Johnston

Bilingual Executive Assistant with 8 years experience working in London scale-ups, MENA success stories, and French start-ups.

Specialist in Notion.

Creator - The Assistant's Handbook

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Working together

Whether you're looking for a crash-course into all things Notion, want to dive deeper and implement it into your daily routine, or need guidance to get you from where you are, to where you want to be, lets connect over a virtual coffee.

About me

My journey started just out of university when I was given the opportunity to join an automotive consultancy supporting the Chairman. Becoming an EA wasn't originally the plan - I had just finished my law degree - but I immediately found the role hugely rewarding and loved the fact that no two days were the same.

Since then, I've jumped at every opportunity to expand my knowledge, especially when it comes to tech. I have developed my tech stack and taught myself web design. I’m a firm believer that the right tech empowers EAs to be more efficient, make smarter decisions and free up time to focus on business-critical projects.

I am passionate about employee engagement, team culture and knowledge sharing. A company's success depends on a united team and I work with founders and People teams to bring their vision to reality.


LLB Law - 2007 - 2012

Tech stack

Notion, Slack & integrations, G Suite, Microsoft 365, Later, Webflow, Canva, Xero, Receipt Bank, Expensify, Pleo. Lattice, Charlie HR, Justworks, Survey Monkey, Airtable, Clickup, Integromat

The Assistant's Handbook

Created in April 2020, The Assistant's Handbook is a blog for EAs, by an EA. I mainly write about tech and what it means to be an assistant today, with the aim of helping fellow assistants power-up their role. I empower assistants to holistically take control of their career with actionable How Tos and tried-and-tested recommendations.

    Training courses

    I developed my Notion: Harnessing the Power of Knowledge course in collaboration with The Officials and have hosted and been a guest for in-house Learning Hours, covering time management, GSuite and male allyship.

      Podcasts & Webinars

      I have hosted and been a panellist for webinars and featured on podcasts including discussions with The Office Management Group, The Collective and Assistant's Together.

        Knowledge Centres

        Knowledge sharing is vital to the success of any team, project or company. Do you have a single source of knowledge or are your docs strewn across Dropbox, Drive, local drives and little-used tools?

        • working with you and/or your admin to streamline the knowledge sharing process
        • providing best practice advice for how to develop wikis and ensure they're used
        • developing a knowledge centre your teams will want to engage with

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